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Langata Police Station,Nairobi

Langata Police Station,Nairobi

On behalf of the Sub county police commander Langata, I Sgt. Edward Tsuma of Langata police station take this opportunity to thank your team which responded to us during our dire need of disinfestation of Langata police station by availing your team which volunteered to come and fumigate the entire police station building.

They went further by disinfecting other properties including but not limited to vehicles and other items held as as exhibits at the station.

The team has responded at a time we were in dire need and to be specific, during this time of life threatening decease (Covid-19). It is worthy to note that police officers in the course of their duty come into contact with people with people of all walks of life hence prone to catching the disease.

Indeed you as an an organisation has done us proud. We highly appreciated and need a big applause.

You have made us see that we belong somewhere in the society. Keep it up and long live 365 Service Kenya.

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